It’s been an up-and-down few days (when isn’t it, these days), but more up than down.

The trouble is, this evening I feel so tired and my back is causing me so much bother that try as I might, I’m struggling to pin-point the highs and lows  of the last few days.

A definite high was seeing K’s big niece, little niece and nephew, all of whom I haven’t seen for ages.  It was nice to see their dad, too, although even nicer of him to go get us a paper (thanks, Rob!).

I managed a good hour or so of fairly sedate entertainment, leaving K to do most of the running around and baby-chasing as little Jack set off exploring the wonders of the un-baby-proofed apartment.   Having palmed off the high-maintenance duties to K, I settled myself with a game of chess and a bit of a story book/CBeebies magazine, which is much more my kind of pace.  Although chess with a 1-year-old knocking about is a far more defensive game.

The rest of Sunday was gainfully employed resting, although we did pop over to my ‘rents for some food in the evening.  The trouble is it’s such a long way away now (yes, 20 minutes’ drive is a long way now) that to avoid being a dangerous, half-asleep driver on the way home, we literally only get to swoop in for food and then run away.  I know parents are parents and they don’t mind things like that, but it does bother me somewhat how anti-social we can be.

I suppose it’s one more thing to look forward to post-transplant: those long, leisurely Sunday lunches which start at lunchtime and roll on to dinner time with a good deal of laughing and chatting in the middle.  Another thing to add to my “To Do’s”.

Saturday was very quiet, resting up at the promise of baby visits on Sunday, and expecting a slightly fuller day of visitors were it not for the odd drunken mishap changing plans around. (No names.)

Today started really well after a bad night’s sleep.  I woke feeling surprisingly spritely and sat reading for a while before showering (with my oxygen!) and doing physio and finally getting through the few pieces of copy I had to write to finish off this issue of CF Talk.  We should now be at a final proof stage, which I should receive in the next few days, and  I can check it, correct the mistakes, sign off the whole thing and get it out.

This afternoon has seen a bit of a down-turn, with my chest getting a bit tighter and me more breathless, with a slow onset of not only a headache but a good deal of back pain, too.

As I write, I’m about to whisk myself off to bed to see if I can settle myself and sort it out, before trying to get an early night’s sleep for a change.  I could really do with a good, long night’s kip.  Here goes…

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