My weekends are usually spent chilling out with K or visiting friends and families. Sometimes I lose my motivation for the things I’ve been doing during the week, whether that’s work, play or fitness stuff.

So I thought I’d maybe start sharing some of my favourite inspirational videos each Saturday to keep myself motivated and, hopefully, to offer a little kick-up-the-backside to anyone else who often gets deflated by the break from routine that weekends provide.

Don’t get me wrong – I love my weekends: chilling, relaxing, catching up on a bit of TV and not thinking about many of the things that clog my wee brain during the week. But I do need a quick jog to get back into it on a Monday morning.

Here’s the first in the series, Casey Neistat’s kind-of-commercial for the Nike+ Fuelband. The thing I love about this video is that not only is it kinda cool and inspirational, it’s also a brilliant commercial (undoubtedly intentionally) because by the time it finishes you have no idea what a fuel band actually is, but you want to go buy one.

Check it out, be inspired:

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