This week’s inspiration comes by way of a slightly shoddy-looking video that still packs a great punch when it comes to focusing on your goals.

I normally hate these kind of text-over-black, soft-fade-to-picture, now-learn-a-lesson videos, but something about the sheer length of this guys journey and the comparison shots at the end really struck a chord with me. Well worth a watch.

And if you liked it and want to help the filmmaker (I trust the film itself is a little higher-quality than this little teaser), they’re currently raising funds on Kickstarter:

I love the idea of this film and I’d love to see it funded (and I hope it’s really good!). Investigating what gets some people over the finishing line while other flounder at the first hurdle1 seems like a great topic to study in detail. I’ll certainly be checking them out once their done.

What did you make of it? Inspiring? Off-putting? Just a bit “meh”?

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  1. great mixing of fishy and athletic metaphors there… []