Just as a keep-you-updated, keep-myself-in-check type thing, I figured I’d start charting my daily progress (if it’s going to be daily…).

Today’s “workout” was really hard, much harder than it has been previously.  Don’t know if it was time of day (late morning) or not as good a physio session before hand or what, but it was a lot more of a struggle.

Still, I did 8 minutes of step-ups on 4l/min of O2, in reps of 1 minute steps with 30 secs rest in between.  I completed 4 reps (4 mins stepping with 3 30sec breaks) and had to make the 4th break 1 min rather than 30 secs, followed by another 4 reps with regular breaks.

I had Rocky on in the background, but it didn’t help.

For future reference: Step-ups: 1 rep (or 1 min) = 1 min steps + 30 secs rest.

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