Another 8 mins of step-ups (on 4l/min o2) , plus my [almost] full strengthening program (on regular 2l/min o2). To witt:

3x 8 quad lifts
3x 8 bicep curls
3x 8 wrist flexes
3x 8 shoulder shrugs
3x 8 front hip lifts
2x 8 side hips raises (should have been 3)
2x 8 rear hip lifts (ditto)
3x 8 arm raises
3x 8 sit-to-stand

Much easier than yesterday, which I think may be in large part due to doing them in the afternoon after my DNase neb and physio session, which is always a better physio session than the morning one – probably largely due to the DNase beforehand.

Feel tired out but good, not exhausted.  Yet.

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