I had a true yo-yo day today.

Clinic visits at Harefield run something like this:

Morning (around 9.30) – Arrive, register, sit and wait for 5-30 mins (depending on busyness), go in and have bloods done, get weighed and have obs checks (blood pressure, pulse, oxygen sats etc).

Get given cards to take to lung function (or RFTs as it’s known in-house) and X-ray and/or any other tests they may require up to and including ultrasound, ECG, CT scan etc.

Finish off those tests and report back to reception, where you are given a rough time to return in the afternoon, sometime after 2pm.

This morning, I had completed all required checks and balances (to great satisfaction – RTF going up, X-ray looking good) by 10.15am, and returned to be told that Doc C would get round to seeing me around 3.30pm, but to be back by 3 in case he ran early.

For those of you not too quick at maths, that’s well over 4 hours.  I looked at Dad and he looked at me.  Jokingly, I offered up, “Go home for lunch?”

On more serious consideration, however, we realised that if Doc C were running late when we came back, we’d not be back in MK in time to get to the GP surgery to pick up my prescription I needed and collect it from the pharmacy near my ‘rents house (the great little place that sorts all my druggy needs).  On further thought, it occured to us that the 45min-1hour drive it would take to get back home, plus hour-and-a-bit to do what we needed to do, including lunch, plus the drive back still left us with a good half hour to spare.  So home it was.

The clinic appointment itself went swimmingly.  Doc C is really pleased with my progress – all my infective markers are right down, my liver function is almost back to normal, the other bits and pieces in my blood which were low are coming back up.  My lung function is steadily increasing, as should be expected as I start to get out and about and to exercise more and he’s now seen fit to take me off two of my anti-biotic tablets, which brings me down to a total of 10 Tx-related drugs, plus 2 CF-related drugs.  Cracking.

This evening I’m feeling pretty tired, but not too bad.  I’m looking forward to two days at home tomorrow and Wednesday, then another clinic visit Thursday.

Keep well.

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