I wish I could bottle some of Oli’s inner strength, it would sell for millions!

Following the update below that I wrote at half 11 last night, there have been more amazing developments.  As of 2.30pm Oli will be out of intensive care and on to the ward, this boy clearly doesn’t hang about!

He looks amazing, in fact the only way to describe it really, would be to say that he looks alive.  Fully, properly, healthy and alive.  This has even surpassed our wildest dreams.

He’s awake and talking quite happily, taking deep breaths which amaze him as he is still breathing out after he’s stopped talking, he’s had lunch (a ham salad, but he’s not written up for creon so he couldn’t eat the ham!  I don’t think the docs even considered putting creon on the drugs chart this early), and he even cut up the bit of tomato himself.  This may seem like a little thing but it’s a HUGE deal when you’ve had a life changing operation.

That’s about all for now as I’m off back home to catch up with my family and have a bit of a rest myself.  I’ll be back tomorrow though so look for another update then.

Thanks for your patience x

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