I still can’t move, but on the plus side, we have nice new bookcases in our study, which means the floor no longer resembles a preparation area for Fahrenheit 451.

Ever since we created our new study out of K’s old bedroom in the flat, we’ve had a desk and filing cabinet, but no where near enough shelf space to collect together the frankly bonkers number of books we both own.

But now, thanks to a mercy visit by both sets of parents, we have two gloriously beaming new bookcases which not only hold all of our current collection, but also have enough room for us to “grow into” – for the next six months or so, at least…

I was entirely useless at helping put them up, though, as I’m still pretty much immobile with whatever this virus is I’ve picked up.  For variety, the pain today has focused itself mainly in my neck, making me unable to glance sideways at people in that wonderfully comical manor which I so enjoy.

Not only that, but it’s meant that every time someone sitting next to me asks me a question, I answer them with a half-hearted wince as I momentarily forget my aches and turn quickly to answer them, only to be reminded instantly that turning my head 90 degrees is exactly the one movement that I’m incapable of today.

Still, at least I’ve not lost my sense of humour. (At this point I’ll gladly thank my parents, K and her parents for not correcting me in a comment below).

Generally, today (and yesterday) have been pretty rubbish.  Not only have I been in near constant pain – or at least major discomfort – but I’ve also had to miss out on a really good friend’s birthday celebrations and also to sit idly by and not be able to help put together things to go in my own flat.  Not a highlight of my year so far, I have to say.

I’m trying incredibly hard, however, not to let it drag me down, although to be honest it’s starting to.  I’m not ill, so I can’t complain really, but I do’nt feel well enough to really “do” anything, which is unbelieveably frustrating.

It’s so hard to define what’s going on with my body, or my head, at the moment and it’s really rubbing me up the wrong way.  All I can hope is that another day or two of rest will be enough to drag me out of it and that as my physicality improves, so will my mood.

If not, heaven help poor K as she’s had to put up with enough of a mono-syllabic, sour-faced, misery-guts of a boyfriend for the best part of half a week now.  Please God I get better soon, for her sake if no one else’s.

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