For many reasons I can’t go into much detail about today’s smile moments (yes, more than one), but I can say that I walked from work to the station home with a smile on my face the whole way tonight.

There are many moments in a working life when you hope for the right reaction: approval of plans, success of a project, addressing a problem and dealing with it well. Today has seen multiple versions of these things.
I woke up this morning and was deeply distracted during my normal meditation. Luckily I’m deep enough into my practice now for this not to annoy me, frustrate me or make me angry, but it did unsettle me since it’s the first time in the last few weeks that the practice hasn’t gone brilliantly.
Where I may, in the past, have let this throw my whole day of, I managed to shake that feeling pretty quickly and set my mind to the tasks that lay ahead.
And the day panned out pretty perfectly, with all of my meetings filled with the right reaction from the people involved.
It’s a wonderful way to end a working week. Lots of smiles promised this weekend, too. What are your plans?

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