Filmmaker and author of the seminal indie film bible THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX OFFICE, Jon Reiss, yesterday finished up his five part series of guest posts on his blog from Julie Eckersley about the success of the indie documentary THE SECRET, which has earned over $300million worldwide since its release in 2006.

The series is well worth taking the time to read and serves to back up, instill and reinforce all the lessons that Jon is constantly trying to drive into us through his TOTBO courses and book.

  1. Start strong.
  2. Tap into people’s passion.
  3. Understand the power of your title.
  4. Plan your marketing campaign from Day 1.
  5. Align yourself with the key influencers in the area.
  6. Alternative release and some very good news.
  7. Shoot a promo first.
  8. Cultivate your audience.
  10. Define your brand.

Julie Eckersley,

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