Mini-landmark day today, as I signed on to produce a short film for a director names Kieron Clark.

I subscribe to a filmmakers’ daily newsletter called Shooting People that contains all sorts of information and advice, as well as carrying job adverts.  Yesterday I saw an ad from Kieron looking for someone to come on board his short film, Polar Bear, to oversee the post-production process following next weekend’s shoot.

Although in the long term I see myself much more following the route of writing and directing, taking an opportunity to be part of a short film in any capacity is worth doing.  As a producer, I’m confident in my abilities with all the knowledge that I have of the role, plus all the experience I have organisationally through my work in the Theatre, which I think sets me up quite nicely for the producer’s role within the film industry.

It’s only a two-day shoot, which will happen next Saturday and Sunday evenings, then during post-production I’ll be liaising and organising the various elements and then once it’s complete, I’ll be responsible for gathering interest and submitting it to film festivals, which will hopefully garner us some awards or at the very least a little appreciation.

I’m excited about getting involved in a film project after trying to set up a few of my own, which are progressing but moving very slowly.  Hopefully with Polar Bear in the can I’ll be able to kick-start a short for me to direct and then move on to bigger and better things as the year flicks past at a tremendous rate of knots, such as it is.

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