Today’s been a productive day (alongside yesterday) in getting started on a new writing project whilst polishing an old one.

A previous screenplay of mine on which I’ve been sitting for a while has come back out of the draw for a once-over.  I’m impressed actually with how good it is, but far too aware of it’s limitations.  When K first read it, she gave me some great notes on it, which I’m now about to implement, along with a whole raft of changes I’ve identified for myself in my latest read through.

At the same time, I’ve been hit by one of those rare ideas that comes into your head almost fully-formed.  It’s a complicated story (or rather group of stories) that will take some time to work into a coherent structure, but I’m really pleased with the concept, which I think could be really powerful.  And, without being too pessimistic, cheap to shoot as well.

On top of those, I also wrote a short film script this morning as well, which has been floating around in my head for far too long and finally found itself a place on the hard-drive of my computer.  It’s actually a really simple story and a really easy shoot, so I’m in the process of working out if there’s any way I can fit it in before Christmas.  I guess as a little present to myself or something.  It would be nice, but it does involve finding a cast of one guy and one girl who are free for a day to shoot in MK sometime next week (possibly Thursday 18th), so we’ll see what happens.  I’m not getting over-excited about it yet, but it could be cool if it comes off.

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