In the next couple of weeks I’m embarking upon a major new documentary project which will cover the next 12-24 months and possibly beyond, producing frequent web-videos along the way.

I’m looking for a bank of freelance preditors (producers/shooters/editors) that I can work with to produce fresh, interesting and powerful short documentary films for YouTube/Vimeo and the project’s website. ¬†I can’t pay you anything at the moment, but I’ll cover all your expenses for the shoots.

Anyone who’s interested and lives in and around the south of England (particularly but not exclusively¬†Bucks, Northants, Beds, Oxfordshire and London), please drop me a line here and send me a link to something you’ve done.

Experience isn’t key to this, it’s as much about the ride and the journey as anything else, but I do want to know that you can point a camera in the right places and/or cut a good short.

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