MightyFine WeddingsSometimes it can seem as if you’re wasting your time.

This weekend, TinyButMighty was promoting its new wedding film service, established after we discovered that we could apply our business model of engaging freelancers to make documentary films that really tell a story to the weddings market, since there was nothing even remotely similar in the UK right now.

The wedding fair we attended was not only appallingly organised – in a major retail store that didn’t do anything to drive wedding-related traffic inside the store to see the exhibitors – but given the paucity of wedding couples and sales, seemed like a total waste of time.

The trick when you think you’ve struck a blank is to find ways of turning it around to your advantage. We may have struggled for sales, but we made a lot of very useful and positive new contacts within the wedding market and already have invites to more fairs to promote the new company and raised awareness of the Mighty brand.

Anything that doesn’t go the way you intend may at first appear like an utter waste of your time, but it’s important to find the positives and ways to take advantage of a situation that may not be to our liking. Like anything in life, work and, indeed, social media, the more you put in the more you’ll get out.

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