In 2 days’ time, I get married.

Five years ago, none of us thought I would be here to see this day and although I knew then as strongly as I know now that K is and always has been the right woman for me, I didn’t want to get married before my transplant because I hated the idea of leaving her a 23 year-old widow.

All that has changed now, though and we both know that we can deal with whatever life throw at us. And we’ll do it with a smile.

What is Love

Can we ever define it? I doubt it; it’s far too personal.

For me, simply, love makes you the best version of who you are.

If you’re in a relationship that makes you angry, that causes you pain or, worse, that causes you to inflict pain (of any kind) on others, that’s not love. It may feel like it, it may seem like it, you may be desperate for it to be love, but it’s not.

Love makes you stronger. Love makes the lights brighter. Love makes you feel lighter as you walk, taller as you stand, straighter as you sit. Love makes your frowns deeper, but your smiles wider.

K does all of this for me and more. I’ve never felt more alive, more in love or more worthy of love than when I’m with her. She makes me the very best version of me that I can be.

I’m a very, very lucky man.

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