It’s funny, you know.  I was just coming on here to quickly bash out a blog and thinking over what I’ve been up to and I thought, “it’s been a nice, lazy Sunday.”  The thing is, though, it really hasn’t.

All right, I did sleep through *almost* all of the morning (I did see some of it…), and I did watch about an hour of football/rugby during the day, too.  But my major achievement of the day has been in being active almost all the time I’ve been up.

For those of you keeping track (like me) of all the firsts I’m experiencing at the moment, there’s another to add to the blotter, that being the first walk down to the corner Tesco to get a paper – and a fitness magazine, get me.  Lovingly measured by our trusty friend Dazz, I can reliably inform you I walk all of half a mile and a bit, albeit downhill, and felt strong enough to walk back up again, too, had we not already arranged for Dazz to meet us there in his car, lest the return journey prove to be too much to handle.

I was so happy to have done it – it was a lovely walk and it showed me just how fit these new puffers of mine are.  More than that, it showed me that my leg muscles are also starting to catch up.

Not only did I manage to walk the half-mile to the shop, but I also did a 15 min session on the exercise bike this afternoon, too.  It was hard work and my legs really felt that one, but I felt great getting off it and feeling like I’d really been working myself.

On top of all my exercising, I also made a start on clearing up the study, otherwise known as the bomb-site.  Also took on cooking duties for the night and helped out with the washing up, too.

What’s really hit me about all of that, though, is not so much how tired it made me – because by the time I’d finished drying up and then wiping the kitchen down, believe mme I was cream crackered – but how quickly I recovered.

When I flopped on to the sofa with everything done for the night around 9pm, I had the familiar pain in my lower back which would come on whenever I’d done too much before.  The difference is, back then it would last the rest of the night and I’d be totally out of commission, whereas tonight, it’s barely an hour later and the pain’s gone off and I’m feeling fit enough to do anything that needs doing before bed.

It’s such a bizarre sensation to be able to recover from things quickly – to not have one simple task wipe you out for the entire day.  I LOVE IT!

Not much more I can say to that, really.

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