Hi guys, gonna be a short one today as am really tired this eve and my brain is just about to close down for the day.

Oli is good.  All his levels are good, CO2 is a bit high but neve is doing good stuff at keeping levels in check.

It seems like it’s going to take a couple of weeks for brain to make friends with the new lungs, a few messages are getting through from brain to lungs and vice versa but they’re not really best buddies yet.  We’ve been reliably informed that a couple of weeks will make them firm friends.

Oli’s very tired, drugs and lack of sleep are making an already tough job even tougher – however, as we’ve already seen, he is a super trooper and is toughing it out.  I think he may see the steady progress as a bit of a backwards step which it most certainly isn’t.  I know that not being ‘with it’ is frustrating Oli but we are happy in that these are the early days when Oli is so full of these drugs which make him woozy and play with his mind that actually, when he is up and running, Oli probably won’t remember anyway.

Night night everyone, sleep tight x

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