Hi guys, this has got to be really brief as I’m so tired this evening. I promise to write a full rundown of today’s goings on tomorrow.

Oli’s had a good day overall, docs are pleased, one drain to come out tomorrow leaving two behind, wound from Friday is healing well (and looks amazingly teeny).

There was discussion this morning of Oli going back to theatre to get the left side of the chest cavity worked on.  Oli wasn’t hugely in favour of this plan, understandably, but the chest surgeon doc lady came to see him this afternoon and after seeing that only a little chyle (my new word for the day, it is to be used in place of the word leaky fluid)  was now draining said that she may not need to do any more work but will keep an eye on the output over the next couple of days.  Oli is very happy with that news, fingers crossed for no surgery.

We left him fairly happy this evening but overwhelmingly tired, I hope he sleeps well.

More detail tomorrow, I promise x

As a side note, when looking for the spelling of my new word ‘chyle’ I came across the most amazing word I think I’ve ever seen – Lymphangioleiomyomatosis – I love it!  I think it may be a place in Wales, if not, it should be.  Night night x

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