So here we are – the brand new TinyButMighty blog. Don’t worry, all you SmileThroughIt acolytes, the whole of the old blog of my wait for transplant and beyond is still here, you just have to peel back through the pages and you’ll find it all saved for posterity.

But as I said in my previous post, things are changing around here.

The first thing, then, is TinyButMighty, my new production company that you can read all about here. Although it’s been set up to produce all of the work I do, the website and the changes to the blog and my Twitter account are all down to one singular project, currently dubbed The Big Secret Project. All will be revealed after the weekend when the final few shuffles have been put into place and I can finally announce the Grand Plan for the next few months and – possibly – years.

For now, I’ll leave you to explore the website and learn about TinyButMighty and what it can do for you and your companies before, during and after the Big Secret Project.

From here on out, dream realisation will be my goal and I intend to achieve it!

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