Sadly, despite being up ’til past 2am two nights in a row, my body1 just isn’t in the mood for sleeping.

I’m an impatient slumberer and if I’m not asleep within about 30 minutes of turning the light out, it just makes me more restless. So, around 3am I get myself up again and head downstairs.

I move the laptop through to the dining room (I feel like working at a desk/table), brew myself a cup of green tea and get down to doing some work on a website I’m prepping at the moment for a new project that’s hopefully launching in the next few weeks. I realise there’s a lot more to be done than I thought and I hit up some WordPress forums for a bit of help with some coding.

After an hour-and-a-bit of that, my brain is a little too numb to focus on any one tsk any more, so I set about backing up all of the various blogs and websites I run2, whilst reading some wisdom of Seth Godin, my new guru of choice, and catching up on some news websites I like to stay abreast of, like Mashable and Hollywood Wiretap, the latter of which is a little devoid of news due to the NY break, being trade-based.

I sort out a calendar-syncing issue K and my computers are having and eventually, around 6am, I’m finally too tired to think and I take myself to bed. I get upstairs to discover that K is also still awake, although she has a higher tolerance for just lying in bed when failing to sleep.

We both turn out lights out and try for some sleep, which eventually comes our way.

I wake around 11.30 and drag myself out of bed to eat something and knock back my a.m. dose of meds that are now a little late. I wolf down a bowl of cereal and the tabs, shoot-up a good dose of insulin3 and take myself back to bed for more rest.

I snooze lightly but happily for a couple of hours and eventually drag myself out of bed around 2pm, brewing myself a cuppa and hitting the sofa to chill out with some TV in the background while I surf the ‘net and investigate Squidoo, a rather neat-looking idea that is currently intriguing me.

K gets up and I make more tea and we sit and chat with the Strictly edition of Question of Sport on in the background. Tea down, I decide to get off my butt and go for a walk around the village, the old parental mantra of “a little fresh air does you good” ringing in my ears.

On my way round I stop at the Co-op and pick up some grub for dinner and some bits and pieces for lunch tomorrow when K’s girly mates (plus manly men, plus bambinas) are coming over for a post-Christmas catch-up.

I get home and K is busy cleaning, tidying and taking the decorations off the long-dead Christmas tree. I take the tree out, along with a few bags of rubbish and recycling for he outdoor bins, then sort dinner out with our revived George Foreman.

We eat, clear up the hit the sofa to watch ERIC AND ERNIE on Sky+. BBC drama is usually good quality, but even by their standards, this was a doozy of a drama, both of us really liking it.

After the film I go for a bath to chill myself out before sleep4 then come back downstairs to grab my evening meds and update the blog while K switches places with me in the tub before we both sack out for sleep.

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  1. or brain, not sure which []
  2. mostly through the infinitely adaptable WordPress platform, which makes it incredibly easy to backup []
  3. it was a slightly naughty cereal []
  4. in the vain hope it might help tonight []