It’s been pointed out to me that my last post was a touch to the darker side of happiness and light.

In the spirit of remembering the title and inspiration of this blog, I wanted to post to clarify that I’m not living a world of utter blackness with no mirth or merriment whatsoever.

I’m not going to edit or delete my prior posting, because I stand by not only what I said but also the sentiments expressed in it.  However, I wanted to add that I can still see the funny side of life, swinging as I do from mood to mood like a restless teenage monkey trying to impress the girls with his feats of daring in the tree tops.

To illustrate the fact, I’ve just giggled my way through nearly all of Punch Drunk Love – I don’t mean I watched nearly all of it, I mean I was giggling at most of it, but not some parts (the bits that weren’t funny), because those of you who know me will know I can’t just watch a bit of a movie, it’s all or nothing.  You will also notice I’ve lost none of my pedantry in the process, either.

Still, I’ve just giggled my way through most of Punch Drunk Love, which would be a great illustration of my current access to the fun-sensors of my brain, were it not for the fact that only a very few people can I imagine extracting the same bizarre glee as I do from this quaint, weird, surreal little movie.

I would encourage all of you to go and seek it out to see what all the fuss is about (check out my ego too, thinking that my little mention in a blog which barely 100 people read counts as “all that fuss”), but I’m fairly sure that 90% of you (so, erm… 90 of you) would not only not see the same thing as I see in it, but in it’s place see something incredibly dull, surreal and very, very odd.

In fact, I think you might lynch me.  90’s a good number for a flash mob.

Anyway, I just thought I’d write and say, honestly, I’m OK, really.  Kind of.

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