The last week or so I’ve been in a bit of a whirlwind and have therefore utterly failed to keep the blog up-to-date, including uploading my new Lowdown for Chris’s live show last week (which was the best so far, and can be seen again here).

The culprit is our new house. K and I have thrown our money into bricks and mortar and are now officially on the property ladder – and much higher up than we first thought.

It’s a great house, a lovely village and is perfect for our needs: a study for K to, well, study in and lay out all of her papers somewhere other than the living room floor and a separate study for me to work in, where I’ll have room to write, edit and store all of my various bits and pieces.

But it’s also got enough bedrooms to have people over to stay and enough room for great house parties.

It needs a lot of work to bring it into the 2010’s, being as it is slightly stuck in the 70’s, but that’s all worked into the budget and reflected in the brilliant price we got it for.

The only downside is that it’s starting to feel like we might be proper growed ups now.

Nah, that’s never gonna happen.

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