Looking to the past prevents looking to the futureA natural part of life is looking back over the past and – occasionally – wishing you had a passport back to the “good old days”.

Yearning for the past, however, precludes us from looking to the future. Facing the in the wrong direction not only leads to heavy-hearted nostalgia1, but also stops us being open to new ideas and new opportunities.

Most frequently, we hark back to the days of “carefree joy” and “spontaneity” that marked our teenage years, but it’s vital never to forget that everything we’ve experienced – and especially all the good stuff – we were able to enjoy and consequently remember fondly because we were open to a wide range of possibilities and new adventures.

There’s nothing wrong with looking back; just make sure it’s a glance over your shoulder, not a 180˚ turn from your forward path.

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  1. or worse, sentimentality []