I’ve just this minute had a text message from a friend (the other half of the Live Life Then Give Life team) to say that Em has gone down to theatre for her transplant at Harefield.

Words can truly not express what I’m feeling at the moment – I’ve been through a lot with Emily over the last 12-18 months and we’ve both come across new challenges around the same time as each other (although I have to say I’ve been the lucky one and had things an awful lot easier).

Almost precisely two years ago, Em was told she had a year left to live – she’s been close to losing her battle on at least two occasions but has never given up fighting and believing that her Tx would come.

And now it has and I’m delirious for her – it’s just unbelievable.

But it’s not all plain sailing from here – she’s going to have a lot more fighting to do over the coming few days and weeks to get through and out the other side to where she can finally enjoy the rush of fresh air into her new lungs. 

So I’ll ask all of you out there reading this, whether it’s tonight, tomorrow morning or any time in the next few days to say a prayer or two for her and help her in her fight.

Em, you’re a legend and I couldn’t be happier!


I’ve been told that Emily has come through surgery with apparent flying colours (Em does everything with flying colours.  It’s not worth doing if it’s not colourful, mainly pink!).

She’s now out and in intensive care – her family have seen her and she’s doing well although obviously she’s still critical at this stage.  Please keep praying and keep her strong to fight through and come out the other side.

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