I looked at my blog post calendar before I went away and was pretty pleased with the pieces I’d pulled together to publish while I was away – a wonderful guest post, my own thoughts on doing nothing and a couple of a great inspirational videos, too.

I looked at today’s date and thought, “I’ll be back the night before so I’ll be able to put up a wonderfully profound/descriptive post all about what an amazing time we had on our honeymoon.” I even started to write it, briefly, before we left.

Then I figured why not wait and bash it out on the plane journey back over – a 10-hour night flight, on which I am almost never able to actually get any rest.

As they say of the best laid plans, it didn’t happen. Largely thanks to Mr Crank-your-seat-back-within-30secs-and-forget-all-about-the-person-behind-you sitting in front of me. Economy class, even semi-luxurious Virgin Atlantic economy class, does not permit space for a laptop on the tray table of a reclined seat.

Despite my best intentions, then, the combination of no work on the plane home and the intense, brain-fuddling jet lag today, this post is about, well, nothing, I suppose.

I promise normal service will be resumed next week, where you will all receive full accounts of what’s been going on and how wonderful 2 weeks in Hawai’i really is.

For now, you’ll have to be content with this view of a secret creek bed we found down a little off-road track we ventured onto:

Hawai'ian creek bed in Kaua'i

I’m off to put a 3rd load of washing in the machine…

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