All those of you who visit and read me avidly (or just slightly bored-ly) and long to pass on my blog address to others to entertain, or bore stupid, but have trouble remembering the site address – REJOICE!!

For the benveolent Family Matlack from Texas, with whom I managed to HUGELY over-stay my welcome in early 2004 (which is an epic tale far too long for this post) have once again come up trumps, totally out of the blue.

Clearly worried that far too many people were missing out on my myriad ramblings and mighty rants against the world/my chest/other people’s blogs/life in general, Adam – the techno-savvy gadget-freak I always wanted to be – has not only registered for me, but also done all those little bits of re-directing and stuff that I would never have known how to do.

So now you can email all your friends, update your myspace, add to your favourites and generally pass on to the world that the greatest blog in Knaresborough Court is now officially

Woo-hoo!! And YAY for our American cousins (when they’re not duping Tony B into war….)!!

AND I bet I still can’t beat him on the X-box….

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