Not much more to say, really.  Am feeling utterly deflated that at the end of 2 weeks’ IVs which have boosted me rather wonderfully and got me feeling very good and positive, I wake up this morning with puffy, stuffy sinuses and a whisper of a headache, which has spent the day hovering between going away and worsening into full-blown cold.

There’s not a lot I can do to keep it from setting in full-blown, I don’t think, certainly no more than I’m trying, which is lots of rest with lots of calories and spraying First Defence up my nose like teenage boys spray cologne on a night out.  The plus side, I suppose, is that at least I don’t smell as bad as they do.

Thinking about it, I suppose I have to take the blame for the onset of the cold, since I did make the mistake of saying yesterday that I wanted to be productive today and get things done.  If this blog has proven one thing over the last 12 months, it’s that whenever I talk about getting things done, something crops up to get in the way of it.  I really should learn just to keep my mouth shut.

Realistically, it’s more likely than not that the cold is simply my body’s reaction to a frantically busy weekend – it’s a long time since I’ve had 3 night’s of “entertainment” in a row and although I rested a lot in the day times, it must still have worn me down.

It’s frustrating and – as always – a little scary to be coming down with something, but at least I have the security of knowing that I’m getting it at my very best point physically.  I’m just a day from finishing IV’s (which will now be extended by another week to cover any knock-on effects from the cold) and still on steroids, which means my appetite is good, my chest is as good as it ever gets and I’m firing on as many cylinders as I’ve got.  If there is ever a “good” time to get a cold when you’re aware of the possible consequences to a pair of dodgy blowers, this is it.

So I’m off to get some more physio done, shovel down some more food, suck down some more Lucozade and pray to the Big Guy to keep this one mild.  All help appreciated, if you’re so inclined.

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