As we move through our lives things naturally evolve. Whether it be learning how to walk, talk, communicate and mis-communicate or the effects the passage of time has on friendships, relationships and our outlook on life.

You will all know only too well how important my outlook on life has been to me, hence the naming of this blog originally as “Smile Through It” – a reminder to myself during my wait for a transplant that life had more to offer than the misery I was experiencing day-in, day-out back in the bad old days.

Today I’m no less in need of such a reminder as I was then, although my problems are less weighty than they once were.

However, the time has come when Smile Through It has served it’s purpose – chronicling my daily life in the build-up to and recovery from my transplant, letting people know how I was doing and feeling and along the way helping to inspire a few people to keep on pushing.

If you read this regularly – and let’s face it, you wouldn’t be here reading this now if you didn’t – then you’ll be only too aware of the recent lack of updates. More than anything, I just don’t feel that my life is that interesting to anyone any more. Don’t get me wrong, I love my life, but right now I have so little time to update and when I do it’s always with the kind of mundanity that I spend too much of my life berating other blogs and bloggers for. Actually, that’s a lie – I don’t even bother with many other people’s blogs any more as I don’t have time to wade through them all. I have my select band of people I follow, but I prefer my news in person.

So, the evolution of this blog commences. Over the next few days you will notice some changes on here as I adapt the site to fit with my current plans. This afternoon I have taken what will doubtless turn out to be a life-changing decision on a new project and I’m about to leap into it full-force. Part of this process will be to introduce new readers here, but that means things will change. The blog will be renamed, rebranded and re-engineered and you’ll arrive at this address a little confused the first couple of times I suspect.

Rest assured, however, that I’m going to need all you loyal readers more than ever in the coming weeks and months as this will be the biggest project I’ve ever undertaken. I remember how you all kept me going in the weeks after the op, so I’m hoping you’ve still got that motivational spirit within you to help push me forward when the going gets tough.

Smile Through It will be preserved, with all my previous entries staying up, but for now, in the words of a wise man and friend of mine, it’s “Onwards and Upwards!”

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