I’m sure this is a sign that I’m improving and getting better and more active, but I’ve been frustrated again today by my body’s inability to handle more than a couple of hours of activity.

I seem to recall, as I sit here moaning, having exactly the same problem last November when this blog first started, and was forever moaning that I didn’t have enough energy to tide me over through more than a few rumbles of busy-ness.

So I already know that the answer is simply down to discipline and time, and that my recovery will be greatly aided the more I have of the former and the more I allow of the latter.

But being me, I don’t like it.

Yesterday, K and I nipped round to Mazda to collect our new toy – the brand, spanking new Mazda 6 2.0 5-door auto gearbox delight which is sitting out in the court now.  Immediately wanting to take it for a spin, we succeeded in getting to my parent’s house (where K had to print some college work) and back home as we were both shattered.

Having set aside this afternoon for a fun-run (in the car, not of the charitable, ambulatory kind) to bed it in and find out what she can do, we were both excited when we set out.  Expecting to do my usual round of the country roads, flitting through all the different road types to give us a really good sense of what she can do, we set off about 3 o’clock for an adventure.

Come 4.45 we were sat in my parents’ kitchen nearly falling asleep after just an hour and a half of driving, covering a fairly meagre 50-odd miles.  Surely I can have more fun than that?

But no, I remind myself, I can’t.  I have to accept that I can’t and find something rewarding and relaxing to do with my time at home on the sofa.

So, now K and I have the study sorted and the bookshelves up, with our wonderful new library formed from the merging of my collection and hers, I’ve decided I will simply have to get cracking on going through the host of titles K’s already been through and catching up on some literary culture.

I’m not sure quite how well that’s likely to go, but it’s got to be worth a try.  If I can’t improve my body, at least I can exercise my mind.

For those of you who wish to keep track, I’m just finishing off Stephen King’s Carrie and I’ll let you know what’s next.

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