Things keep getting better and better at the moment – I love my life!

Today I was back in the director’s chair for the first time in…well…a long time. And I’ve got to tell you – it’s a fantastic feeling.

I’ve spent a lot of time recently wondering if I really am following the path I want to follow – I’ve been out of the loop so long and become so distant from the dreams I used to have that I find myself wondering if I’ve changed since my transplant and if I’m chasing the dreams of the old me.

I can say with absolute certainty today that I am 100% on the road I want to be on. As I stood in the rehearsal room running through the Snippets scene for the MKT writers’ group showcase on Monday night, working, re-working, talking to the actors, polishing and finessing the piece I was in my element. All of the feelings that rumbled away within me about what I like doing, where my strengths lie, how I approach things came flooding back to me in the briefest of two-hour rehearsals.

I want more than ever to follow my dreams and to chase them down until I catch them at a run. I promised myself before my transplant when I was sitting at home on my sofa day-in, day-out that I would never let myself have just “a job” and that I’d always do something I love and am passionate about. I feel more strongly about that now than ever. Watch out world – here I come!

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