Today was not such a good day.  I’m not 100% sure just yet what it was, but something didn’t agree with me today and I’ve spent the day feeling extremely tired and sick – not a whole load of fun.

Having said that, I did still manage to walk to the local shops and back to get a paper (have to keep up with it because I’m collecting the Guardian’s Army Fitness Regime, which is running all week), which I was really proud of – not least because it was really hard work walking back up the hill but I still did it without stopping.

I did discover a minor downfall/hiccup in my walking plans, though – my body only seems to know how to walk at one pace.  Every time I set off walking, I set off at a march.  Great stuff for when I’m trudging my way downhill to the shops to grab the paper, but not so good when the hill slopes the other way.  I set off out the front door of the shop this afternoon and headed up towards home and within 30 metres I was shattered.  It took me a second recovering my breath at a road crossing to realise that it’s actually OK not to walk flat-out all the time.

Still, even walking at no-100% effort, I still worked up a good sweat and got myself out of breath, which is the main idea of the walk anyway.

As for the sickness, my guess is that it’s down to the charming new drug they’ve put me on, the once-a-week Fosomax (Alendronic Acid), which is designed to counter-act the effect of the steroids I’m on in weakening my bones.  Specifically, according to the leaflet, it’s for “post-menopausal osteoporosis” – my docs clearly neglected to mention that a side-effect of transplant is the menopause.  I’m gutted.

Anyway, if it does prove to be the pills, then at least I know that by the time it’s worked its way out of my system tomorrow morning, I’ll be feeling much better.  It’s only once a week, so I’m sure I’ll learn to tolerate it in the long run, however horrible it might seem right now.

Tomorrow, if I feel better, promises to be a better day, with the potential of a trip to the cinema and/or Borders on the cards it should be a great way to cheer myself up after a dip in form.

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