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What is SmileThroughIt?

SmileThroughIt is a blog about finding happiness in life by doing the things you love. It’s not about prescriptive living, abandoning convention or ultimate minimalism – it’s about finding the right way to be happy for you, something that’s critical and critically different for everyone.

“Smile through it” is my personal philosophy on life – no matter how hard things get, if you can find one thing every day that makes you smile, then it’s been a good day.

If you’re really mindful, really present in each day, you begin to realise that even in the worst of situations, there is always something to smile about.

This still holds true for me today, but it’s also shifted in meaning. Now, it’s as much about making the most of life as simply finding a way to get through the tough times. It’s about gratitude just as much as happiness, about enjoying the journey not seeking an ending.

The best way to learn about this blog is to read it. To get you started, here are a few of my personal favourite posts from the last 7 years. They vary from the highest and lowest points on my initial journey to some of my more recent, happiness-centred posts.

A Statement of Intent :: where it all began.

Lost: Please Find :: the lowest moment in my journey.

Found :: reflections on my first anniversary.

Trains of Thought :: how to stop your brain going to the bad places.

30 Things I’ve Learned in 30 Years :: thoughts on getting to an age no one ever thought I’d reach.

The Ins and Outs of Secret Roading :: my favourite passtime.

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