It’s been almost two months since my last post following the closing of the Production Office’s first season. Since then I’ve been engaged in all manner of projects but not found time to blog.

In truth, it’s largely been down to two things: too much work/too little time and a want for things to write about.

When I rebranded the blog with my own name (after years of blogging over at Smile Through It), I intended it to be my “professional” home – a place where the real me was hidden beneath the fa├žade of my work. Over the last week or so I’ve realised that this is far from the right approach. My life is inextricably linked to my work and my work is fed, nutured and grown from my life.

It’s pointless for me to try and separate who I am from what I do, so from here on out I’m returning this blog to covering all the things you may have read on the old blog, but with the added bonus of the increase in work meaning I’ve got more thoughts to share on what I do as well as who I am and how I feel.

On a shoot I did last week as an Assistant Producer on a UK Film Council/Screen East Digital Short, I met a girl who made me realise just how important it is not to deny yourself or who you are. People gain inspiration from many areas of life and through interaction with many people. One of the things that drove me to continue with Smile Through It when I frequently wanted to give up and shut up was the comments and emails I received from numerous people telling me just how much they valued reading my experiences.

It’s not for me to say whether I’m an inspirational person, but if this blog can be of value to anyone at all – including me, as a place to air my thoughts – then it’s a worthwhile place to have around. If you like reading it, please come back more often (I promise I will, too), and if you don’t then don’t worry about it – it’s just not for you.

Life is about doing what you want, how you want, when you want. I’m fortunate to be doing things I love every single day, driven by the knowledge that someone died to give me this chance. I vow, here and now, to neither waste that chance, nor deny it in the hope of presenting a “different” me.

As a good friend of mine is wont to say, onwards and upwards!

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