A few weeks ago now, I started talking to Matt Shea of Swanky Reviews about joining their team as a UK/European writer for their reviews site.

Swanky is a reviews site with a difference – it’s not solely focused on what’s hitting the screens or the streets this week, but rather in building up a catalogue of quality reviews of great – and not so great – movies, so that any time you’re stuck wondering which DVD to choose from or which of the movies on your satellite channel to pick you can refer to SwankyReviews.com for advice, guidance and heavily-subjective opinions.

None of us at Swanky pretends to be the ultimate in film reviewing wisdom, but we share with our readers what we like, what we don’t and why – then we leave you to decide whether you want to believe us, disagree with us, watch it or skip it.

So head on over and check it out at http://www.swankyreviews.com. You can also follow new posts & reviews via the site’s Twitter feed or subscribe to the RSS.

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