After swearing, promising, pledging and committing to being more regular with blog updates from now on I have spectacularly failed, having not switched on my computer in over a week.

It’s impossible for me to re-blog without making some kind of excuse for the extreme tardiness of updates and pathetic attempt at renewed regularity so here goes:

Most of last week was actually spent away from home in Ipswich visiting my Godfather and his family at their palatial residence in the quaintly names Little Bealings, following which I immediately undertook my CBT (motorcyle Compulsory Basic Training) as rearranged from the Monday before.  The CBT fairly knocked me for six, landing me up with a weekend of protesting muscles and a small graze on my calf.  The weekend itself passed in a photographic blur, and yesterday was mostly spent at my ‘rents doing a week’s worth of washing while we wait in anticipation of a new machine this week or soonish.

It is fully my intention to go and back-fill the blog with the week’s events, dull as some of them may be (I’ll try for the highlights), but given my recent track record on the blog front, I wouldn’t hold your breath.  Still, it’ll make interesting reading, not to mention a pleasant surprise, if and when I do manage to catch-up.

Today, for the record, I woke up indecently early after not enough sleep, took K to an exam, came home and powered up my Mac for the first time since last Tuesday, picked K up, slept, went to Northampton for a meeting/chat/catch up with Suze, came home, cooked – and totally messed up – dinner, washed up and sat down to update the blog.  And today’s been a quiet day.  Put like that, I suppose wondering why I’m feeling so tired at the moment is a bit of a pointless question…

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