Hi everyone, this is K.  I have had permission from Oli to keep you all updated and help provide him with a blog which will cover his progress as he recovers.  In case you hadn’t caught on yet, Oli has had a transplant!


The call came this evening around 7pm, just as Oli had got in the bath, a bath which he had been wanting all day but his lungs were being particularly difficult and he had to wait for them to give him a break.


We all hopped in the car and drove to Harefield, driving in torrential rain that made the journey very interesting as I’m sure the puddles were nearly swimming pool size in places.


Things happened very routinely once we got to Harefield. We know the drill by now, settle into the room, watch Oli have copious amounts of blood taken by the vampire docs, swabs from almost every part of the body, shower and shave with special pink liquid, and then the wait.  And more waiting.  And more waiting.


The news came at 11pm as Oli was in the shower, he really wasn’t having much luck with getting clean today, however this news was the news we have been waiting for for 2 ½ years, the transplant was going ahead and he was due in theatre at 00:15.


The mood in the room was strange, Oli was totally calm, instantly got onto his phone and started letting everyone know.  I was absolutely excited, amazed, nervous, scared, every emotion you could possibly imagine, I had it all at once.  Whereas I couldn’t stop shaking, Oli was so chilled and relaxed – I am still amazed by the strength of character this guy has, he really is one in a million.


The only time he got nervous was when we got to the theatre doors and weren’t allowed any further.  The goodbyes at the doors were very difficult, it’s so hard to reassure someone who is about to have their life changed that everything will be ok.  It isn’t anything we have experienced before and so words weren’t enough.  Watching Oli being wheeled down to theatre was the most amazing feeling in the world, good luck Oli – we’re here every step of the way…

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