I want to restart, reinvigorate, reignite and generally revamp this blog.

I want to make it look nicer and easier to read on your phone.

I want to create a plan for what I talk about and how I communicate my thoughts and ideas.

I have even been considering porting all of this over onto a different site.

I want to do all of this, and that’s my biggest mistake. I’m waiting for things to be perfect, for everything to fall into place before I commit to anything. That, dear readers is never going to happen.

Just get going

“You learn how to pursue great things when your footing is unsure, when the shores are unsteady and the road is far away, when the very next step you plant may indeed be more difficult than the last.” AJ Leon, The Pursuit of Everything

I’ve got to know AJ a little over recent months, through interactions on Twitter, through signing up for his conference next year and through reading his work. I highly recommend the latter to everyone.

Reading AJ’s post in my inbox today made me realise that, like walking on a beach, my footing was unsure. Rather than using that as an excuse not to move forward with anything, I need to use it as the reason to do it.

I’ve tried and failed at so many things over the last 6 years since my transplant and I’m often disappointed in how easily I give up. I don’t stop to praise myself for starting.

Without a beginning, no story can exist. If I want to live the life I want, to help people achieve more, to communicate ideas that resonate with people, simply to write, then I have to keep starting, keep chasing and keep going.

As soon as I stop, I over-think. When I over-think I paralyse myself. Paralysis is an artist’s worst enemy.

So this is me, pushing “Go”. This is me getting started (again). This is me saying things don’t have to be perfect and spot-on and just right before I get things out there. They just have to be.

What are you sitting on and waiting to be perfect?