This is only a brief update, more will come later, I promise.

 Oli’s operation went really well.  He went down to theatre as planned at 00:15 and was in ITU by 7am.

We’ve seen him a couple of times but he is really,really busy at the mo with lots of wires and gadgets attached to him to monitor every aspect of his recovery.  He looks really good, when we first saw him we noticed how his breathing had changed already – it was amazing and unfortunately for you guys pretty indescribable.  By the time we saw him again later the nurse was really busy and so we left her to sort Oli out.  His breathing had become quite shallow and he was trying to get rid of the ventilator (this is a good sign).  The bat plan for now seems to be stabilising his breathing so that they can take him off the ventilator and slowly bring him round.  They mentioned that if all goes to plan he could be back on the ward by Thursday, however, it’s really important to remember that it’s early days and it’s perfectly natural and ok if he takes longer to adjust.  We all running to Oli time at the minute and that can happen as quick or slow as he needs.

 I’m off back to hospital with Oli’s bro, we’re going to be tag-teaming visits with Oli’s ‘rents so that we can be with Oli as much as possible.

 Thank you for all your kind messages, please be assured that Oli will see them as we are compiling a memory book for him.  While we’re waiting for him to wake up we may even read some of them out to him. 

We are so happy for Oli, this is truly the most wonderful gift a person can get and so in your prayers for Oli please take time to pray for the donor’s family as they are dealing with the pain of grief.  I would also ask you to take 2 minutes of your time to sign the organ donor register, if you haven’t done so already, at* and follow the links.

Back soon…

*Emily if this is wrong would you mind correcting it for me in a comment?  thank you x

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