I don’t often post on a Monday, but after pinging this out to my email buddies this weekend, I felt compelled to throw it up here, too.

I’ve only recently discovered Natalie Sisson – the Suitcase Entrepreneur – but her $100 Change programme has really struck a chord with me.

WDS $100

Earlier this summer well-known blogger, Chris Guillebeau, hosted his second annual World Domination Summit. As it reached its close, he gave out a single $100 bill to each of the 1,000 attendees – yes, $100,000 in cash, right there, on the day.

The money was to spend however the recipient wished, helping someone, investing in something or just doing a good turn.

Natalie chose to run with that idea and taken it even further:

Imagine if $100 could change your life

I appreciate that not all of you will be into this kind of thing, but it chimes so closely with what I believe about taking control of and running your own life, living it the way you want to and helping others that I felt bound to share it on here for those of you who feel the same way.

You can find out more about it by clicking the button above, visiting the $100 Change homepage or hit up Natalie or the Suitcase Entrepreneur on Twitter.

I’d love to know what you think of it.


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